To bring physical, mental and emotional wellness to our clients by continuously educating, challenging and enhancing the lives of our clients using our fitness philosophies!


Sutton fitness strives to be an industry leader in personal training. With over 15 years’ experience in physical and mental training we found that the needs of our clients would be better served with more personalized programs. Sutton fitness will ensure that individual circumstances are considered and plans are truly personalized to meet individual needs. Our fitness philosophy will ensure that our clients will live with a healthier mind, body and soul.

Your Pledge/Our Promise

Your Pledge is a way to express your fitness goals: it’s a pledge to a better you. In return, Our Promise to you is to get you feeling, looking, and living better. If you promise to work with us, following our Blueprint for Success, being committed and driven, we can assure you great results, both physical and mental.

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