Personal Training/Group Training

Sutton Health & Fitness is staffed by a multi-faceted group of industry leaders. We are your source of motivation, support and insight. We are certified fitness professionals that will ensure that you receive educated, quality personal training in a fun and interactive environment while you remain focused on your personal goals. We want to see you reach and maintain your optimal health and fitness levels

Personal Nutrition Preparation
You are what you eat! The food that you eat is the fuel that your body uses to do everything it requires. Eating well enables you to perform well; likewise, eating poorly disables your ability to perform well.  A Sutton Fitness pro will help you outline a meal plan that’s equally satisfying and smart.

Resistance Training
Whether your goal is to tone or put on pounds of quality lean muscle, the way you’ll get there is by implementing a resistance training program. Our Fitness Pro will create a routine that’s easy to follow to help you get to your end goals while also educating you on correct form and technique

Cardiovascular Training
Your heart is the most important muscle in your body; it keeps your blood pumping. A great cardio program is the best thing you can do for your heart, and it’s what Our Fitness pro will create for you.

Additional Personal & Group Training Options

When you work one on one with a Sutton Fitness Pro, you are the focal point of our business and we concentrate our efforts on learning everything we can about you. This knowledge becomes the nucleus of a tailored fitness program to help you achieve your goals. We provide motivation, education, accountability and social support. With a focus on purposeful movements that is administered by some of the best fitness pros available. Together we sculpt a better body and a better you

Sutton Fitness is a great place to get long lasting results in a comfortable and fun environment.

Semi-Private Sessions
A semi-private session (1 Trainer 2 clients) provides the attention of a personal trainer, while sharing the cost with a spouse, a co-worker or a compatible partner and or family members. Semi Private Training is a great way to enjoy the benefits of traditional one-on-one personal training without incurring the cost entirely.

Group Training
Group personal training makes fitness enjoyable, while providing motivation, education, accountability and social support. Sessions are limited to no more than 3 people at a time. You will receive individualized instruction and supervision from your Sutton Fitness Pro. You can train with your spouse, a co-worker or a compatible partner. Your Sutton Fitness Pro will then tailor a training program to suit your group fitness goals. Together we sculpt a better body and a better you

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