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6 Diet Shortcuts

Water. Did you know that water is essential for weight loss?  Water helps to flush your body clean of toxins and fat.  Drinking ample water each day allows your bodily functions to work optimally.

Fiber. Fiber is an incredible fat loss aid.  Eating foods rich in fibre throughout the day will really make you feel full and help to keep your appetite in check.  Try to incorporate about 5 grams of fibre per meal (about 25 grams total for the day).

Eat 5 meals per day. If you eat 5 small, balanced meals per day you will not be hungry. Some may think that sounds like an awful lot of food but eating 5 small meals during the day will truly help you lose weight.

Be prepared. It is so much easier to eat healthy when you plan ahead.  Bring healthy meals to work, make leftovers at dinner for lunch the next day, keep good food in the fridge at work or even in

your drawers (nutrition bars, shakes and a shaker bottle, nuts and seeds, fruits or other favourite healthy snacks).

Free day, aka. A cheat day, a day of eating something you crave, you want, anything you desire is allowed, within reason and moderation. Not only is it allowed, it is also encouraged.  By totally denying yourself of all sweets and snacks while dieting, you may be setting yourself up for terrible fallout.  Allow yourself one day per week where you can have a piece of your favourite dessert or whatever your favourite treat may be. Allowing yourself a little cheat day for just one day a week can really help you maintain your focus and mindset to stay committed to your fitness goals.

Try a diet supplement. While there’s no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise program, countless amount of people find that taking a solid diet supplement helps the process along.

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