Maria Ferragine

Five years ago I suffered a knee injury while jogging and the pain that I felt convinced me enough to not want to over exert myself or exercise anymore.  Living that sedentary life had caught up to me a short while later until finally one day I decided that I had had enough; I didn’t want to look in the mirror knowing that I could look better; it was something I could no longer ignore. With the revelation of having had enough, I joined the gym and met Kirk who walked me through the process of what he and I, as a team, would accomplish.

He gave me all of the tools I needed to succeed in my weight loss, muscular strength, physical endurance and joint rehabilitation. Kirk was my coach, and as my coach he gave me the knowledge that I used to make informed decisions about eating and training, never once forgetting to enjoy every moment along the way.

On days when I thought I was bound to give up, Kirk motivated me to keep going, helping me see that hard work would pay off.  He motivated me when I needed it most, and he also calmed me when I felt overwhelmed.  Never once did he make me feel that my work was going to be wasted; Kirk would not allow me to give up, mainly because he refused to give up on me.

I am so thankful that I took that initial step in signing on for personal training because what I got was far greater than what I had expected.  I envisioned a trainer counting reps and sets, angrily pushing to do more.  What I got was a compassionate individual who genuinely cared for his work and his clients.  Kirk’s positive attitude, motivating words and desire to see things through to the end enabled me to reach my goal.  When I thought my goal was unattainable he reminded me that I could and would succeed, and it was his faith in me that in turn restored my desire and determination to do better.

Seeing my results has restored my faith.  My confidence is back, my energy levels have been elevated and my enthusiasm has been ignited.

Thank-You so very much!

Maria Ferragine

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