Dr. Aubrey Green

For the last four years, I have had the privilege of working with Kirk Sutton and watching him transform many of his clients into healthier and happier individuals. Kirk’s knowledge and dedication is what defines him as a great personal trainer.  He provides his clients with all the tools they need to succeed, muscular strength, physical endurance, joint rehabilitation and nutritional counselling. Kirk takes the time to learn about each and everyone of his clients needs, giving him the information needed to achieve his goal of providing every one of them with a specifically designed exercise program enabling them to achieve and maintain their goals.  One of the many defining qualities of Kirk’s result-oriented training programs is that his clients stick with him for life!!! Their loyalty and commitment to Kirks training sessions speaks volumes about Kirk’s passion and dedication to his craft.  I have and will always feel confident in referring my patients to Kirk for both rehabilitative and generalized training.


Dr. Aubrey Green



Dr. Green’s Health & Wellness

130 Racco Parkway

Thornhill , Ontario

L4J 8X9

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