Bryce Wylde, HD

I have known Kirk Sutton for the better part of two years, and the last year as a client.  Whether I was training with him or he was casually walking by me on the gym floor, his sincerity and commitment to guide and educate me was obvious – “bring your head back, tuck in your chin!”  Kirk gets you right where you need to be in that given move, at that given day, and more importantly to your eventual target goal whether its weight loss or muscle gains.  Kirk is the kind of trainer that walks you through the underlying causes to inappropriate exercise routines while helping you to discover a deeper motivation to succeed at a fitness routine that is right for you.  Kirk educates and inspires. His training technique is perfect for those who have experienced the unsuccessful battle of weight loss through fad exercise routines or those that haven’t been able to achieve balanced muscle mass due to lack of intensity or poor range of motion.  Kirk is most definitely for those who are finally ready to dedicate themselves to excellent health and optimal body composition while using the power of intensity to get there.  To look at him is to know he walks the walk.  I recommend him to many of my patients.  I can give no higher recommendation.

Bryce Wylde, HD
Homeopathic Doctor
Host, Wylde on Health CP24


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