Igor Gerzon

“I am 61 years old, when I first met Kirk; I weighed over 200 pounds, and was not in good physical shape.  I signed up for some personal training, and trained with Kirk.
Kirk motivated me, taught me how to train properly, and explained what and how to eat.  He customized my workouts to suit my specific goals – to lose weight and gain muscle mass.  He always pushed my body to its limits and gave me the inspiration to go further.  He ensured that my form and technique were always maintained, and as a result I never had an injury.  I saw positive results in a short period of time.
Even though I have finished my personal training sessions, Kirk still always has time for me.  He is always friendly and available to talk to me, about fitness or just to chat.  If he sees that I am doing an exercise the wrong way, he always takes the time to correct my form.  I have changed my lifestyle and my attitude toward my fitness and health, largely because of Kirk.
Five and a half years after, I now weigh 156 pounds, and I believe that I am in better shape now than 25 years ago.  I have made fantastic progress and have achieved the physique I had been wanting for years, including the six-pack abs that most people are after.  I know that I will maintain a lifetime of fitness.  Kirk is still always available to answer my questions and give me advice.

Kirk is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and keeps very current on both exercise and nutritional information.  He is also very personable and a lot of fun to train with.  Kirk is a truly dedicated and passionate fitness professional, and because of this, he truly improves people’s lives..  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”


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